Artist Within

Prince Edward Island has become a haven for artisans.  It's beautiful landscapes, stunning coastline and rustic charm has made the Island a refuge for creative souls seeking inspiration.  All across PEI, you'll find potters, artists, weavers, sculptors and craftspeople creating amazing works of art.  You'll find them in studios and shops everywhere you go.

We have partnered with some of the Island's most talented artisans to allow you to tap into your creative side.  You'll have the opportunity to spend time working alongside skilled teachers willing to share their passion or go behind the scenes with a professional theatre company to witness the magic.

And if you have something in particular you'd like to try but we don't currently offer, just ask and we'll try to make it happen.

(We are constantly developing new experiences so check back regularly to see what we've added.)


Sea Glass Treasures

Painting Pictures

What Wood You Make?

Master Caster

Enchanted Candles


Other Themes

Great Outdoors
Let us take you places only Islanders know about to experience the real Island.


Meet the Neighbours
Our neighbours like nothing better than showing folks from away what life is like on the Island.


Experience Charlottetown
Experience a side of Charlottetown most people never see.



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